Length of Ich????


OK, My tank got ich, which I am so PISSED at, because I am SO anal about the tank, but got it anyway, turns out I was notusing the QT tank long enough...
My ?? is, since it is vertually next to impossible to treat outside of my main tank,(I have already talked with anthem, Beth, and Terry about this, Im just using garlic in the main tank, and basically waiting it out...but how long is waiting it out???, its been about three, maybe even four weeks, since I first noticed it, an am wondering, does it EVER go away when a host is present, even if they survive it?? Also, what about any new fish I might want to add if my tank survives this, so far I lost my female mandarin, and no other loses..Anyone????


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It is possible for other fish not become infected, but it is also the case that your tank "hosts" the parasite.
I would not try to add any more fish until all is clear for 3 mos.


Thanks for the reply...I have read and read on it, and all the info is about possible treatment, but not actually how long it will stay in your main tank, if you leave fish in the tank...Thanks again
~Susie ;)