Let it be - don't mess with it, or move it? Fiji Leather


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I know leathers can take months to acclimate (in some odd cases). This is a yellow Fiji that I put in the tank after 72 hours of being on a plane - only 3 days ago. There isnt much water movement around it. There is a little piece of chaeto to the right of it that is barely blowing around. Also it shed one little piece over the last 48 hours that I just blew away with a turkey baster. Should I just be patient and leave it where its at and see how it fairs because it looks ok? Or should I start messing with it?
Thats a blue piece of sponge under the front to hold it in place until it attaches.


dont touch it....
I had one for 4 days and it never looked right so i played with its position many times and the worst of the worst happened it stressed out and died...let it be and it will come around just watch for dark spots on it, thats what i started noticing when it was dying,