Let me know what you think


I am by no means a photographer, so bare with me here. I also used my fathers camera, and I have no idea how to use it right.
Here is a shot of the hole tank.


Do you have crabs? My crabs tore my duster cluster apart in no time at all. I moved it and they found it and finished it off. $20 gone in no time at all.
Hi seaham358, We have crabs of variuos kinds, colors, and families. Don't know that we have had this problem before.
JGonier, your tank looks nice. Start now on your b'day list, write down camera.


Is that a piece of slate on the left hand side? I didnt realize that it could be reef safe, although its good in ciclid tanks. Nice looking tank, Im currently working on a 20, but I need to replce the bulb in my PC. Is that emperor filter? Thats what Im currently running.


hey, i agree, if thats all you can afford or even if thats what you want, then its fine to have, just make sure that you dont let it get too dirty or it will be hareder to keep its color. my first tank i had fake corals and plants and they looked just as good :joy: Great looking tank, nice and bright, one last thing, any good fish stores out in st. paul? i'm looking for a new fish place to get my new tank from


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You would all die if you seen my tank. It might only be a 10 gal but with 10lbs of live rock and two mushrooms and one ricordia in there I do have one tall plastic plant for some color. Corals are very very expensive here and so I buy one at a time and hope they will multiply. Would love to have some Xenia, in time I will get some.
Time and lots of money :yes: is what this hobby is all about.