lets see those bubbletips


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stunning stuff. I just got two clowns like that.
I had to trade in my Mauroon one :( as he was
getting territorial. I just have live rock now but
want to add something for the clowns. I don't
want to go totally reef yet. What should I do?
They look happy now but I wonderf if they need


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Heres mine, Had it 5 years, not much color or bubbled anymore, but it and the clowns seem happy with it...theres eggs under it in the first pic. And a successfull triple split.


reef bug

Everyone...Nice pics! Love the Rose BTA's.
Viper...Awesome camera!
Ocean Waves...just do research what you buy before you buy it. Find out what specific anemone your clowns will go to. Clowns are finicky sometimes.
Also, do you have reef sustainable lighting? Anemones have varying light needs depending upon their species. Make sure you have what the anemone needs to survive before you choose. Good Luck.


my rbta is under 96w nova extreme 24" on a 29gal and its doing great.also feeding is very important along with light never forget that.