Lets See Those Teen Tanks


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Originally posted by KY REEFER
ok lets see your high and mighty tank!!!!!!!!!!:mad: :mad: :mad:

Yeah, come on, if you are gonna criticize others, at least post your tank!


Chandler, i remember when your tankw as way worse then that, and who says one must impress you? was that a joke, if so, not to funny. none here is to impress anyone, just to share experience and a tank THEY ARE PROUD OF, who cares what anyone thinks, wanna see some of my first tank pics? not to pretty i'll tell ya.
anyway, old shot of my 55g mix reef(currently now SPS dominated)
old pics, about 5 months old.


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here is an old shot of my 55. im 14. pardon the pic, its not that brown and green but i cant get the flash to not go off. ill try to get a better one soon


well i guess liontamer is afraid to show his tank b/c it probably sucks yea i am 15 and will get some pics soon of my 75 reef and my octo tank


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You guys have some great tanks!! liontamer's comments were pretty cold and uncalled for. The thread is better off to not have him reply!!
Keep up the great work and keep the pics coming!!:happy:


im 13 and i have a great tank.... 2 actually but one of them is a snowflake eel only tank.
(the 55 gal has an algae problem and is only a year old... but still looks great none the less)
one problem.... No Camera! errrrrr
your tanks look great though



Originally posted by Liontamer
K, first off there are plenty of threads about teen tanks. Second, yer tank is a mess. The fish, the corals, the cyano bacteria infesting the sandbed. tsk tsk

You need to settle!!! This forum is for people who want to share. Not ogars like you....


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I think everyone just needs to chill out a little. Regardless what liontamer wrote, lets try to keep it on topic like viper said.