LFS calling LS useless without undergravel filter??


LFS has stated that LS is pretty much useless unless you are running a undergravel filter. just wondering what everyone thinks about this. i know that most people have moved away from this type of filter and are still using LS. is there any truth to the LFS statement at all?
I amwondering how a ugf would funtion with an LS...hence the name of UGF. I have never used them, have a LSB and I would think that LS would simply clog the filtration as with gravel water can flow through the UGF but with sand? I say they are outta their mind.


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A real honest to God Live Deep Sand Bed full of bristle worms, microcrustaceans, aerobic/anaerobic bacteria, variuos other worms/critters does not need an UGF and will work better w/o one.
A sand/CC substrate that contains bacteria to convert ammonia to nitrite to nitrate does not need an UGF. In this sense ALL CC or sand will eventually be alive.
An UGF using fine sand will probably not work at all.
An UGF with CC can become a Nitrate factory if not properly maintained.
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My guess is that your LFS has never had a tank with LS and an underground filter. For the simple reason that it is unlikely that one could exist. Saltwater Marauder is right, the sand would clog the filter. I would check any advice given by that LFS from now on.
DSBs are awsome. I have a 4+ inc. DSB and my water levels always test great. I only change 5g per mo to replace trace elements contained in new salt.