LFS Fatalities


Rescued some more frags from the LFS today. Do you think this CandyCane will make it? Got it and the frogspawn for $9.



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Rebounds are highly possible if provided their requirements are adequately provided for (e.g., appropriate lighting and water quality, etc).
If they're accepting food, I'd recommend feeding them to accelerate their recovery.

omen nemzo

Feed both and in a matter of days youll see them looking better unless they are sick or water qual is not good, not saying it isnt but you should see a change within 2-3 days after feeding


Started feeding them as soon as I got them in the tank. Water quality is great. I will post more pictures over the next few weeks on their progress.


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They don't look like they're in that bad of shape at all. The candycane looks like the recession happened a while ago and it's already on the rebound.