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Took a water sample in to the lfs, they require a sample for their guarantee. Everything was good as expected but they told me the salinity was too high. It is 1.026 which I didn't think was too high, they recommend around 1.021 ish. Current livestock list is..........
2 perc. clowns
1 cleaner
7 blue leg hermits
3 astrea snails
and 1 brand new royal gramma.
Am I wrong or what? I thought with inverts you wanted around .025-.026. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
One other thing, they had a yellow goby that was swimming every which way but up. This fish was swimming upside down, sideways etc. Is that normal??


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I keep mine at 1.026. Lfs keep theirs lower to reduce the chance of disease. Almost like a constant hypo of 1.021 to 1.023.


I keep mine at 1.026, which is measured with a calibrated and temperature compensated refractometer. What do you use to measure yours? How does the lfs use to measure theirs? 1.026 should be fine for everything.


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A specific gravity of 1.026 is perfectly fine. It is actually preferred. It sounds like your LFS is just looking for something to be wrong so that they do not have to give you their guarantee. They are wrong on that one. Inverts NEED at least 1.023, but, like I said, 1.025-1.026 is the best, in my opinion.
That goby does not sound too good. The best way to know if the fish is healthy is to watch it eat.
Nevertheless, if they do not give you their guarantee because of the specific gravity issue, I would not be going back to that store, if it were me.


I'm glad to hear I am not alone with the 1.026 issue, I've read enuff posts on here and thought I was ok. They didn't refuse their guarantee based on the salinity difference, I don't think they would but we'll see. Thanks for the input, much appreciated.


I had mine @ .026 also and the lfs said I should only do that if I was tryin to have a gulf tank.
i keep mine around .023


i agree with the above, but i keep mine at 1.021. fish do great and if i have the chance to make it difficult for ich to survive i'll do it. hypo though is dropping the salinity down to 1.009-1.014. inverts can survive all the way down to 1.020, once it goes lower than 1.019 they start to die off.