lg fish lets see em !!!!!!!!!!!!


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so how do you get it off your hook if you accidentally take one? also what if it swallowed the hook and died, just throw it back and let the isopods and crabs eat it?
that fish is huge, is it common to be that size or bigger?
For the most part even if they swallow the hook they have enzymes that dissolve the hook and it will be gone in only a couple of days. That is why they say just cut the line if the fish swallows the hook and they stand a better chance of surviving than just ripping it out. ect.


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It's very illegal to bring them on board for the purpose of photography.
Straight from the FWC
"The taking of photographs after removal of hooks and posing for pictures with goliaths is not considered an immediate release of the fish."

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i see the hook in the mouth on that pic though.


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I'm saying say you catch a catfish or something that likes to swallow, and it takes your hook, there are enzymes that fish produce that will dissolve the hook in a couple of days, so you could cut the line, and the fish would have a higher survival rate than just pulling the hook out. Bass for whatever the reason, I've never had swallow the bait, lure ect.


so for all you people know the kid was in mexico, give him a break.. or am i dumb and this fish dosent even inhabit the carribbean haha


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there are 3 shops in worcester and one in framingham and 1 in salem n h and were do u go
I mainly go to skiptons in boston and sometimes seaworld in nh. I also do some shopping online.
okay i willl answer some ques. on the Grouper
1. Yes he does have eyes
2. Yes as people said earlier it is sometimes better to cute the hook or line but to help the fish out a little more please cut the line as close to the hook as posible.
# the reson in so you will literally rip out his guts if you try to gt the hook out if he swallowed it.
3.This is an average size for this type og grouper.