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can i get some feed back on skimmers by Life Reef systems. i know someone in my club who has one and says its pretty good but pricey.. I believe they are venturi skimmers and the copmany claims they are bettor than beckett, needlewheels or downdraft skimmers!!!



I am looking for a new skimmer and asked the same question a few months back. I learned very quickly that many people are very passionate about the type of skimmer they favor! I have never owned a Lifereef product, although I have owned a venturi skimmer (CPR) but I traded many emails with the owner while doing some research. Here is what I found:
1) Lifereef products may appear to be "pricey", but most will tell you that the crafstmanship is superb
2) The owner is very helpful and the customer service is excellent
3) Many people consider venturi skimmers to be "old school" and newer types (Beckett, etc.) to be vastly superior
4) Venturi skimmers are pretty much "set it and forget it" devices. Newer skimmers might do a better job, but that comes with a price (more pumps, more complexity, (generally speaking) more tinkering and tuning, etc.)
If you want a quality product that does what it is supposed to do with little tuning, a Lifereef skimmer might be a good choice. If you want to skim the livin' crap (literally) out of your system and don't mind tinkering with the settings, then look at newer technology
Just my 2 cents - hope it helps...
Good Luck


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We do have their skimmer but it has not been used yet. It's going into our 150 tank and hopefully next week when hubby is home again I'll actually get the system plumbed. Not too many here has that skimmer, I'm pretty sure about that. I only know 1 other that used one and I believe that system is not up right now.
We have Jeff's Berlin System LF150 and LifeReefugium. It took 2 months to get the system, he was so backed up with orders. All of his systems are custom build to customers specific systems and many times people who order a custom system from him also take the skimmer. Otherwise you might not venture to his site very easily. Those skimmers are not what you would consider commercially available, but also custom built.