Light Upgrade/Scrubber?

john rambo

Hello everyone,

I've had a 65 gallon aquarium and over the past year I've really noticed my corals taking a turn for the worse. At first, I thought it was something with my water quality. My nitrates are always low though and I haven't done anything differently. The corals were in a 46 gallon dating back to 2015. I even switched over to using RO water in the off chance that was the culprit.

I'm starting to think my Current USA Marine LED light may be losing power? I purchased it in either 2014 or 2015. Any suggestions on a light upgrade? I notice they have a pro model that appears to come with 2 as opposed to 1?

I'm also fighting algae. I had a starry blenny for several years that kept my sand beds under control. He passed away several months ago and I've noticed green algae and also some nasty purple balloon shaped algae. I was considering trying an Algae Scrubber?

Thanks for any input! My hammer corals used to grow and open like crazy and they've slowly continued to recede. Below is a shot of the tank at its prime.