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I think I need to upgrade my lights. I currently have an USA Orbit LED I think 23 watts with built in timer and ramp etc. I like the lights but my tank is 24" deep and shrooms look like they are stretching upward to receive more light. I have a glass top and currently have the light unit resting on its stand which is about 2" up off the glass.
I don't have the luxary of suspending lights from the ceiling as they are vaulted, plus I really don't want the entire room flooded by light if that makes sense.
Ive read a lot about LED lights that use fans are using inferior parts because LEDS shouldn't need any fans.
Radions at LFS are $500-$600 and then another $100 or so for controller and on and on.

Are there any good options? Thanks in advance, Honu


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First, the mushrooms don't have a high light requirement, so it isn't your lights. Second, a saltwater tank should be open, ditch the glass lid, and use egg crate (it's found in the light department at Lowes or Home Depot).

You might need to supplement the food so the corals have what they need, mushroom coral are filter feeders, but be careful, what feeds coral also will feed nuisance algae.


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I had the same problem with a mushroom, I didn't feed it and mine didn't do well either. Not sure if I put it in a bad spot to filter feed or my water was too clean (I doubt it). Try moving it to a different spot in your tank.


Well i replaced my USA orbit led for Kessil A360WE. I really love the shimmer effect.
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