Lighting for 180 gl ? Please cast vote/opinion


Hi all,
I am looking to upgrade to a 180 gl soon. So far I have been using VHO (JBJ Formosa DX) on my 72 gl BF and grow softies quite well. On my new 180 I would like to have MH only or a MH/VHO combination. I do like to have clams and stonies some day.
I am looking at these choices:
1) Aqualight PRO 3 x 150W 10k HQI/ 4 x 96W Actinic Compact Fluorescent/Lunar system
2) Outer Orbit 3 x 150W 10k HQI/ 4 x 96W Actinic Compact Fluorescent/Lunar system
3) Aqualight Advanced 3 x 150W 20k HQI (supposedly no actinics necessary with these)
Some people talk about 250 W MH but I can't find complete hoods with these.
Do you use any of these? Had experience? What would you recommend?
Thanks for taking the time explaining your recommendation.


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I'd go with 3x250 watt hqi metal halides in pfo mini pendants with pfo hqi ballasts mounted into a canopy with 2 vho uri superactinics.


Thanks for replying. Your opinion is unanimous.. :) I really like open tanks without a canopy, hence my choices listed. I have seen pendants that also had lunar LEDs in them which looked cool to me as well. I think i will post my same question in the newbee forum hoping for some more replies.... (if that will be ok with the moderators...). Thanks again, I remain open for more tips/advice/opinions/experiences.


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Post away... the more opinions the better. As I'm sure you know this hobby is based on opinions and personal experiences so the more people you hear from the better.