Lighting for a 29 gal..what would you buy?

I have a 29 gal that i plan on setting up but i need to know what kinda lights would be best...wattage and all that..i want to go with an all out reef tank and want the best i can get most likely so if i could have what kinda wattage for mh and what wattage for pc...thanks for the help!


I have a 29 with a 175 w MH and two NO actinics. Without the actinics I thought the tank looked a little yellow, but that's my opinion. I have had no trouble keeping any type of coral, but have had some heat issues from the lights.


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Dry Goods
IceCap HID Ballast
175 w/ Harness
119.99 prices.
Depends on what you want to keep - SPS & Clams then MHs .... Softies and some LPS - then I'd go with a nice URI VHO.......


Get mh with some pc or vho actinics. That whay you'll be able to keep just about anything. Even if for now you're only thinking of softies and lps, later on you WILL want sps/clams. Its almost garanteed lol.


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It really depends on what you want to keep, if you want sps or clams go with a 250HQI setup, the pendent really helps with heat issues.
250HQI icecap ballast
250HQI 10K aqualine lamp
sunlight supply reefoptix III+ pendent
Now if you want to keep softies/ lps and maybe some montipora like my #2 tank I would go with a 150 saki 50K setup. I really love the color of the lamp if it really makes it so I can keep everything except sps, with the exception of montipora.
150 PFO ballast
150 50K saki lamp
reef flector and mogul.
One last thing to add, if you don't already have one...get a sump first off. On smaller tanks they are invaluable. Not too mention you will need one when you decide to get a calcium reactor, which you will trust me :)
Here's a pic of my 29 sps tank....this is before I put in the sump.


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I recently put a 250w 12k mh over my 29g tank. Haven't moved my corals yet but it should be awsome.