Lighting for sale


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I have some items to sell since I shut down my tank and don't see myself getting back into it anytime soon.
I have the following right now:
2x Ice Cap 175w electronic MH ballasts wired with PFO Ice cap convert plug (They were purchased in '03 and I never put much use to them since I decdied to run T5's for a while. I tested them both today on an XM 10k bulb and they worked fine.)

$160 for both plus shipping
2x PFO mogul socket with plug--- $30 plus shipping for both
2x 24" parallel reflectors

$40 plus shipping for both
I'll have pics up shortly. Post here first and then you can email me at Nas 19320 at to work out shipping etc. Email is the best way to get me as I work 10-7 and can only access my email through my phone so it may take some time for me to respond during those times.