lighting help please!!!!!!!!!!!!


i have 120 gallon sps only tank with 2 250 watt mhs and 4 t5s now.looking to switch to 8 bulb tek t5 fixure what will the effect on my sps be?i will i get better results the t5s thanks jeremy


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the light intensity will be less with t5 compared to 250w mh. why do u want to switch may i ask? if its the colors, u can always change the mh to a higher k bulbs. t5 is good imo, bc i hv it. t5 produces less heat.


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Originally Posted by jerl77
heat and cost of running is killing me,will t5 work of sps only?
Yes, you will have no problem keeping SPS with a T5ho.
If you used good bulbs on the TEK and attached some fans to it then it might work well. My first choice would be the Aquactinics 48" Constellation or Solarflare. I wouldn't doubt that the Solarflare would actually give you more light than the halides.