Lighting hours


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How many hours should your lights stay on and what are the best times.......from like 11 am-7 pm tec...... let me know......thanks


My blue light comes on at 12, then my white light comes on at 1. (that makes them both on) White light comes off at 9. (now just the blue light is on) Then my blue light comes off at 10. I like it at that time because then when I'm in bed I can still watch my fish. In other words your blue and white light should stay on for 8 hours. Just your blue should be one for two hours one hour at the beginning and one hour at the end.


I used to keep my T5 lights on from 11:30 - 8ish.. which is probably why I have a crazy algae problem. I just started cutting my lights back to 12- 6pm, hopefully the algae thing will go away.. I actually caught a bubble algae too....popped it. lol


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i run my light system for a total of 12 hours, but my daylights only 8.5 hours. the actinics come on earlier and go off later than the daylights, to simulate dawn and dusk.
i think what we are trying to do is mimic the natural day out in the reef.