lighting over kill??


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I have a 55 gallon aquarium, with 8 65 watt power compacts, more in detail theres 4 10,000k coralife power compacts, 2 royal blue coralife power compacts, and 2 actinic coralife power compacts, which gives me a total of 520 watts and 9.45 watts per gallon. what are your opinions???


wow, that is a bit overkill IMO. Is this for a reef? I'd be more concerned about water temps than anything else, but I've heard that too much lighting can actually burn fish and corals. Not sure if its true though.


i'd be curious to see how you managed to mount them all over a 12" wide surface. anyway, any corals should be fair game as long as other parameters are under control. what are you planning on keeping for livestock?


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you dont really have to post this in multiple forum sections. As far as intensity you cant fit enough pc bulbs over a tank to be too much. Four T5 HO or two 150w metal halide would be an upgrade and far less troublesome and energy efficient than what you have. You can keep just about any LPS or Soft corals. Bubble tip anenome could get by. switch to something different for SPS, clams or other anenome's.