Lighting question?



is a 160w light be ok to keep corals in a 55g tank? Want to do some candy canes frog spawn and torch?


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i would say no, this light would only be good for softies. frogspawns and torches are euphyllia and would be better off with a 2 bulb t5 set up if you want to keep price low. check out a current 2x54w, or even better a 4x54w t5 system.
word of advice, i know this hobby's cost can get overwhelming but save up and save yourself some headache and get a good fixture from the start. why pay an extra 60-100$ when you can just slow down, save and get a quality fixture. you may want the corals now, but theyll thank you for the better light. torches, candy cane, frogspawns are all common in the hobby so you wont have a hard time finding them. look into a tek 4x54w light