lighting question



My tank is a 125 with soft corals, polyps, and a toad stool ( i plan on getting other corals but no hard corals) Currently I have (2) 36" PCs'. Each PC has (2) u-shaped bulbs. So I should have 220 W at 10k. I am also using to (2) 50/50 bulbs that came with the tank but I am thinking I need to switch those out and get something more actinic. ( I am not a lighting expert so I need help in what to do!!)
I am going to replace the 50/50 bulbs but in your opinion what should I add in their place?????:
- (VHO,T12) super Actinic R, 95w - URI
- (NO, T12) super actinic r, 30w - URI
- (VHO, T12) actinic 03, 95w - Coralife
- (NO, T12) actinic 03, 30w - Coralife
- (NO, T8) actinic 03, 30w - Coralife
- or something else??
- or keep what I have??
(all listed on the website
keep in mind I am still using the to PCs' which should be 220w (4 x55watt) at 10k


i have 6x55 10k pc's and 2x160 03 uri actinics on my 125, i really like the way it looks.. unfortunatly i don't have a camera worth a crap.. not that a camera does justice anyway.