lion fish and picasso trigger


i have a p.violiatans lion fish and a picasso trigger there both the same size about 2.5 inches. my question is will they both grow at the same rate ?or will my lion grow faster and eat my picasso any info will help


I had the same pair in my tank. The end result was I traded the picasso in for a new lion because the trigger ate the fins of the lion and killed it. He also halfway definned my niger trigger, who has been completly dociletoward my lion, but tries to nip at the exposed portions of my SFE. Everything was great untill one night he just decided to prove he was the king of the tank. If Im not mistake, I have read that planktonic triggers are a bit more docile, not to mention have a smaller mouth. That being said, there is no such thing as a completely docile trigger. Good luck and keep a good eye on them, ecspecially at night. Maybe a moonlight setup could relieve some of the edge caused by the stress of a pitch black tank.