Lionfish Sting!!!


Anyone experience a sting from a lionfish. A few years ago I was stung by my 8 inch volitan while doing maintance. Didn't hurt at first, but after about 5 min. it felt like someone was smashing my hand with a hammer, 10 mins. I start sweating and finger starts swelling rapidly. Took some benedryl as a precautionary. The pain lasted about 3 hrs. swelling lasted about a day.


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I've never been stung, but that sounds very painful! I've never completely put my bare hand in a tank with lions.


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i kinda know how that feels i got stung by a baby scorpion fish when i went deep fishing with my dad. i sucked maybe half a drop of venom out but it felt like electricity was going through my finger and shocking me it got numb for about 5mins and it hurt for about 20mins. it was horrible.