Listless Royal Gramma


I bought a Royal Gramma 3 weeks ago. He is in a cycled 10 gal QT by himself. He seems to constantly hide out in the decorations and doesn't even venture out when I feed. A couple of times I have found him motionless either in a bottom corner or up top near a powerhead. I thought he might even be dead, but he does swim away back into the decoration if I place a probe near him. Is this the way Gramma's are? Are they nocturnal? Is it because he is by himself and he is not stimulated? I always hypo new fish in QT and he's been at 1.009 for 2 weeks and there's one more week before I start to increase SG. Do Gramma's not tolerate hypo well? Although it's very difficult to observe him closely, I don't see any obvious injury or disease. Can anyone suggest what might be wrong. He's a beautiful fish but his listlessness is very concerning. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


Staff member
Hypo is fine for this fish.
Likely lack of stimulation. Be sure that you have reduced reflections in .at least the back of the tank with a black cover. Optimize water circulation.
Use a magnifying glass to inspect the fish to be sure that a disease is not present.