Live Rock & Coral Questions


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Currently, we have a 55 gal fish only tank with crushed coral & shell substrate, a few fake plants, an ornamental rock, a fake tree stump, a Flame Angel, a Banggai Cardinal, a Percula Clown, a Cleaner Shrimp, a few Hermit Crabs and a couple of Turbo Snails. I am considering going to live rock. I'm not sure what the advantages or disadvantages are. Would I need special lighting, or is that only for Corals? Would I need a protein skimmer or is that also only for Corals? Any insight, advice or just plain old info would be great.


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get rid of your crushed coral and get live sand thats a good start but noone like the cc especially with live rock get live sand and go with live rock itll look and work better


I would have to speak against Friendofthedevil with this one. If you are only doing a Fish only tank then I don't believe you would have to go with the live sand. The crushed coral would be adequate. The same thing goes for the live rock. As long as your keeping it as a fish only, which is the way your tanks setup sounds, then you should be ok (granted you have proper mechanical filteration). Trying postin this in the fish only/live rock section of the board you might have more insight.