live rock curing question


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I have been curing my live rock for over 2 weeks
I just did an ammonia test and the levels are so high that my test cant read the levels:eek:
when the levels eventually hit 5.0mg/l I think i will start getting somewhere, but the color is about 8x's darker
The rock when I bought it was supopse to have been cured already and was suppose to have been out of the water for 24 hours
considering these numbers, how likley is it that it was only out of the water for 24 hours or that it was previously cured?
my method for curing- please tell me if I am doing anything wrong:
I plaed the 25lbs of live rock in a rubber made container
then poured enough water from my tank to cover all the rocks
then I put 3 bubblers in the container (just put in tubings and attached the other end to air pump)
then placed a lid on top (make sure my dog or cat doesn't try and drink the water)
how is my method?


I think like that, the bacteria you need will grow over time, but it will be slow. I feel a skimmer would GREATLY speedup the process, help remove all the stuff causing the ammonia spike.


I would suggest putting a powerhead in, to increase circulation. Air bubblers will give some circulation, but a powerhead would be better.