Live rock online?


I was wondering if buying live rock online is a good idea? My lfs are asking around $7/lb for fiji and i see it online from $3-5 has anyone had any good experience with the quality of live rock purchased online {EDIT POST}


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Sorry, but out of respect to the owner and operator of this board, please do not request links to other stores.
Buying LR online can be a good bet, but whatever you do it will need to be cycled regardless of how it is sold. It is basically what your LFS will get only sent to you directly and so at lower cost. If you are buying large quantities of rock for a large tank, it would be the way to go, IMO.
However, I personally keep an eye out on local reef clubs as that is where you find the best deal on cycled LR, IMO. It allows you to select pieces.
Depending on what you are looking for, DIY live rock is also a very good plan and allows a lot of customization.