Live rock


I use to have a 20 and a 29 gallon aqaurium but do to an emergency I had to leave my house and everything in the 20 gallon died. I now want to move the live rock to the 29 gallon. I have about 15 pounds of rock. THe question is how should I prepare the rock to put in my 29 gallon. THe 20 gallon had an aneome, brain coral, 1 fish and a kenya treee. Could the dead aneome cause the rocks to be contaminated? Also should I add the rock 1 piece at a time and should I scrub them or just rinse the rocks. Any information would be appreciated, thanks.


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Have you tested the water parameters in the 20g? If your ammonia is zero and nitrates are close to it there is no issue with moving the rock into your 29g. The only concern I would have is whatever caused your livestock to die may have killed some of the organisms on the LR so it could be cycling again. If you have ammonia or high nitrates leave it in the 20g and do water changes to lower the levels until they stablize then you are safe to move the rock into your 29g.