Live rock


Hey guys...
I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on the live rock they've chosen for their tanks. Florida vs Fiji vs Tonga,...etc,...etc,.... If you have pix, that'd be great!
Am I allowed to ask on here, where everyone bought their LR? My LFS is asking $12.50/lbs! That's a bit overkill, IMO!


You may find some articles out there that a particular kind of live rock is better than the other but just think about it, in the ocean any kind of live rock supports all life found around in that region so IMO it doesn't really matter. What matter's though is your pocket and I agree 12.99 per pound is too much even if it is fully cured.
Keep looking for deals online, ebay, google etc. I found rock that I was looking for at 1.29 / pound uncured on ebay one fine day. It also matters how much you want to buy. You can get a break on price for larger quantities. I bought close to a 1000 lbs. The seller wasn't willing to sell less than 200 and was asking 2.50 /lb for 200 lbs. I negotiated my way to 1.29 price for 1000 lbs.