Live Silversides??????


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No where I know. Surprising they're actually pretty hard to keep alive/doing well. Most of our aquarium fish are hardier.


I think you wont be able to get any live silverside, minnow, threadfin herring or anyhting where you live. If you came down to Florida you could have a lot of live glass minnows. Thats what I use for bait when fishing.


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Originally Posted by Tbonesteak1020
k, well im in MO and dont know of anyware to buy any live fish to feed my lionfish,snowflake, and blue ribbon eel
Some people use damsels. I would reccomend trying ghost shrimp, fiddler crabs, etc. They're much easier to get and cheaper.
If they are eating, you should try and wean them over to a variety of healthier frozen foods


Ur snowflafe should be fine with raw scallops or raw cocktail shrimp, never had a problem with snowflakes eating store bought fish items.
the snowflake and lion fish eat frozen foods, but the blue ribbon wont thoch any frozen food and he can never see the ghost shimp so i have to hold them in front of his face for like 15 mins.....its also kinda for the entertainment value to