Lobophyllia are awesome.


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Lobophyllia are generally easy to care for in the standard reef aquarium. They are commonly available in an amazing array of vibrant colors. this makes them a great selection for novice and advanced reef keepers alike. Lobophyllia will thrive with moderate lighting and medium turbulent water flow. Lobophyllia are often found in varying lighting environments. It is best to start at the lowest point of your aquarium and move the coral upward. Observe your lobo and pay attention to how it responds under your lighting system. You can then adjust the placement accordingly.

Lobophyllia will extend sweeping tentacles from their polyps when the lights are off and care must be taken to avoid the lobo stinging nearby corals.
Lobophyllia use several feeding strategies. Like other LPS corals, they will readily accept meaty feeds such as chopped mysis shrimp, krill and silver sides. A symbiotic relationship with zooxanthellae algea provides some nutrition through photosynthesis and will also absorb dissolved organic matter.
Weekly feedings are recommended. Feeding at night when tentacles are extended is the most common method.
Regular monthly water changes of 20% will maintain a healthy chemistry, though additives such as calcium, magnesium, iodide and trace elements are recommended for optimal growth. Weekly water changes of 5% will replenish most of the listed elements and reduce the need for additives. Regular chemistry testing should be done to make sure chemistry parameters are in a suitable range.
Calcium between 385-430 ppm
Magnesium between 1250-1300
Alkalinity between 8- 12 DKH
Strontium between 8-10