Longer Lighting??

pappa d

Ok, i have a question about my lighting. Right now i have my lights set on an automatic timer from 2pm - 10pm everyday. I was wondering if i could keep my actinics(spelling) on for a longer period of time. Would it be alright if i had the actinics on like an hour or so before and after the 2pm - 10pm? Does anyone do this? if so, does it have any effects/do you have to repalce them faster that way/could anything bad come from this thought? right now my lights are just power compacts, the 10,000k daylights and 03 actincs. if you have any suggestions to my plan dont be shy! thanks-


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That is exactly what I do, as well as many others..Search for lighting times and things of that nature


That shouldn't be a problem unless you start growing algae. I keep my light on a lot more than that, my 96W actinics are one from 6:40 AM to 9:30 P.M. and my 400W 20K metal halides are on from 9:00 AM to 9 PM without any issues.