looking for clues


ok, so i just got home from a 12 hour shift that turned into a 14 hour shift... only to find that I have a lawn mower blennie MIA, my flame angel is bottoms up... I have a blood red shrimp sitting in the corner behind some rock with no legs... still alive but in rough shape... my skunk cleaner is fine... all other inverts seem fine... all other fish seem fine... tank levels seem fine ( i know everyone hates when people don't post there findings but i'm too tired and pissed off to bother... trust me i've had the tank for 3 years nothing is out of the ordinary)
so... i'm not sure what happened or why i'm even on here telling you all... venting i guess... i swear if i didn't know any better i would say that the blennie and angel went to war with each other and the shrimp got in the way... who knows... can't find the blennie anywheres...
end of rant... :mad:


I feel for you, its bad enough having awful things happen to your tank when you can figure out why they happened, but to not be able to figure out why the awful things happened just makes it worse.
Poor little shrimp. Its going to need some TLC while grows some new legs.