Looking for good LFS in Phoenix


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Hi all. I'm new to these boards and I'm seriously thinking of getting into a saltwater set up. I had a fresh water aquarium for a long time but I wanted to try my hand at a saltwater aquarium.
Anyways, I've been reading these boards and researching through a couple of books for over a year now (I've definitely got the "being patient" part down) and I think I'm ready to go.
I was wondering if anyone in the North Phoenix/Scottsdale area can recomend a good LFS?


I also live in AZ, i just recently moved from the north valley to the northwest valley. (surprise) I have yet to find a "Good" lfs. There is an "Fair" shop on 27th ave and Bell rd. Its called Tropical Treasures. I DO NOT BUY LIVESTOCK from them. The shop is filthy, its not maintained very well, and everything in the tanks looks sickly. I do however get a few supplies here and there and poke around at reading material.
I have talked to a few people that go to Ocean Floor on I-17 (23rd ave) and Thomas. But i haven't been by yet. Ill check it out and let you know. Let me know if you find a good LFS... I NEED 1! lol


Fly-N-hi, welcome to the boards! You will find that the SW hobby is a very addictive one!
Anyhow, I am in N.Scottsdale...and I am a newbie as well, but I have spent a lot of time doing my homework and have invested a few miles visiting different LFS around town. I have been to both stores that PBLRDom points out in his posting...and i have spent a grand total of zero dollars between the two. They have some impressive displays at Ocean Floor with huge fish in huge tanks and a pretty decent variety in species (both fresh and salt water) for sale. I did notice that they are way overpriced in their equipment and most annoying of all the associates are not all up to par in their knowledge base and will try to sell you hard on the most expensive stuff there. That's something you should often expect out of a LFS, so as long as you go into it knowing a little background about what you are looking for you should be able to see pretty quickly who to talk to and who not to talk to.
Personally I prefer "Aquatouch". They are much closer to my house so it's more convenient at 32nd street and cactus rd.
The staff there is decent...they won't try to really upsell anything. But just like everywhere else they will sometimes give you advice that seems to contradict a lot of what we learn from books and boards. Their prices are a little more reasonable than others i have found around town and their display tanks are always in good shape. The owner of the place is an actual Marine Life researcher and he makes frequent trips to conferences, symposiums and does actual field work for whatever that's worth.
I bought my LR, LS and a few other things there...I have no complaints so far. I just like that they are clean and always have people at hand to help you out and answer your questions. They also have a big coral display tank that will definitely put you over the top if you are even thinking about doing a reef tank. And I like that they have a little section with small, cheaper frags (20 bucks or so each) for sale.
Good luck with your start-up and if there is anything I can chime in with or help you out with just let me know. Seems like we are probably around the same area.


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I got it!!! The best fish store ever. The only down side is that their salt water life collection isn't huge but they are a wonderful store albeit a bit pricey. It's called Ocean Floor on 24th Ave and Thomas right off of the 17. I love them. The manager has like 30 years of experience. He is great. You have to make sure that you ask for him though because the other associates are not as good. He he after I posted I saw the other guy covered this store. I really like it though. Good Luck!!


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hey all im in the tucson area and we have a few good stores here (southwest saltwater) but i go to phx quite often to shop for fish and so far i love -pets inc.- people there know what they are doing. theres also another store but the name escapes me lol guess it wasnt that good, but as far as ocean floor goes, i wasnt happy with it at all, limited selection and just not what i expected, great if you ahve freshwater but thats all =/ ive been to tropical treasures once, and i agree, never buy livestock there! lol but they had some good prices on supplies.
>>was just about to hit the submit button but i remmeber the name of the other store...aquarium arts! they have good coral selections and fish are ok =)


I am in between all of you, in Chandler.
Pets Inc. has good prices, but I have noticed some of their fish have ich.
There is also AZSeabottom. They just re-located here. Ocean Floor, I liked them, but yeah, a little pricey. There is also About the Reef on Price in Tempe. Personally, I do not like that one.
I am honestly quite surprised that there are not many more around here.


He is expanding his store - needs to and that is a good thing. His selections are getting better and bigger. IMO, he is a little pricey too, but he works with you too. His live rock is cheap and good stuff. Ask for Paul if/when you go. Tell him Kathy with the Onyx Clown sent ya.


I've been in the hobby for a few years and Aquatouch is by far the best store in the valley. They are the only store around that quarantines their fish. Their staff is knowledgable, but they sometimes contradict the people on here. I always talk to Scott (bald guy). He seems to know what he is talking about.

They always have great corals and is really the only place I buy corals. Like any LFS, they are more expensive than online, but I like picking out each of my corals rather than let an onliner do it for me. For fish however, I almost exclusively buy from this site. Once in awhile I will buy from them.
Ocean Floor is getting better. They have a guy there that came from *****. His name is also Scott, and he knows what he is doing. I wouldn't talk to anyone else in that store.