Looking for some T-5 opinions


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Starting a 40 breeder with a 36” nova extreme pro. This tank is going to host mainly SPS and LPS with some of my more rare zoas.
Its my understanding from other users that the nova extreme pro is not that great of a T-5 fixture, but I figure at a depth of 18” the light should be able to support the life in the tank with out a problem. Plus the fact it’s a brand new fixture and just about free, I had to pay for shipping, so if it stinks I did not loose any money other then 24 bucks for shipping and the cost of new bulbs.
I also have been told that the current bulbs (that are in it know) are not the best either, I don’t quite understand that logic. Then again, I have never played with anything other then MH mogul and DE bulbs, so tank that for what its worth.
I was looking to stuff ATI bulbs in the fixture. My goal is to get a bluer output, almost like a 20k light.
I have read and read and read some more and came to the idea of
ATI Aquablue special x 2
ATI Blue plus x 2
ATI Pro color 2
Giesemann PowerChrome Pure Actinic x 2
Giesemann PowerChrome 15K AquaBlue + x 2
Giesemann PowerChrome 2200K Actinic+
If anyone has a better idea for a bluer output I would enjoy hearing your thoughts and ideas.


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the nova pro isnt a bad fixture. its the bulbs that come with that sucks. i'd go with the giesemann bulbs or ati aquablue u listed. the ati pro color is very red.


I don't think you are going to want to run two procolors. Maybe swap one of them for another blue plus. You may even want to take both procolors out and run an extra blue plus or actinic plus and then a UVL 75/25. Still has some red in it, but not nearly as overbearing as the procolor.