Lost Power in Hurricane


In NJ and lost power in hurricane. May be without power for 3 - 7 days. I have 125 gal FOWLR with 1 juvenile French Angelfish, 2 adult Heniochus bannerfish, 2 adult ocellarus clownfish 1 green chromis, 3 shrimp, 1 starfish,Water temp down to 70 and dropping. I have 3 battery operated air pumps, but doubt that batteries will last. Stores are out of batteries. What else can I do to keep up oxygen level? I was thinking of vigorously swirling a couple of gallons at a time in 5 gal pail.I have no lights or heat, but my building does have an emergency generator that provides hot water, so I filled some plastic bottles and put them in the tank to help teh temp up. Any other suggestions. We had a 3 1/2 day outage about a year ago and everyone survived even though it was much colder. Just don't know how long the outage will be this time. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

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Cut down on your feeding agitate by hand if necessary at the water level for gas exchange and if you can get to a sporting store purchase one or more Mylar emergency blankets. I believe they can also be found in the sporting goods departments of most major department stores. The blankets when wrapped tightly around your tank will do an excellent job of retaining your water temperature


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We lost power too and it's not looking like it will be on for 7 days or so. I'm stressing about the water temp in my tank too. It's at about 68 now wrapped with a comforter. Any other ideas besides the emergency blanket...we've already spent so much on getting ready for this hurricane and then the toss out of spoiled food. What about like hand warmers on the outside of the tank...does anyone think that this cheap idea would provide some heat around the tank?


Happy to report that all tank members survived. One clown fish acted very strange for a day or so, burt everyone seems normal 4 days after getting power back. I was without power for 5 days and the tank temperature went down as low as 60. I have three battery operated air pumps that helped keep the oxygen level up, You can't have enough batteries. I was very lucky to get batteries from friends and I'll be better prepared if we get another storm. Does anyone know of good power backup systems that are not too expensive, maybe under $500, that can geet the tank goings for a few days?


Generator all the way. I would not sleep at night if I didn't have one.


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Small generators, enough to power a fish tank and a few lights (maybe not a refrigerator) should be well under $500 (maybe not now, but wait until the panic subsides). I used a 5 kW generator for 2 weeks during this last blackout. By the second week it was getting difficult to get gasoline for the generator, so I started running only half time. I think that this did stress the fish some, but they are all still alive. Go with a generator.


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The best thing IMO is a generator.
YUP.....ALSO, if you can keep a car battery charged up, and a power inverter.....I have had to use these before when I was home alone and could not get the generator out :) This is not exactly what I have.....BUT is similar....the one I have has a few more plug ins