LS Quest. for Mr. Salty...


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Hi Mr.Salty :)
Wanted to know your oppinion on LS...should I use the kind that comes scouped right out of the ocean (that most LR sites sell) with all the critters in it...or, should I use the "bagged kind" like natures ocean? Can I mix them? and what are the pros and cons of both?
Thanks in advance for any help! :D
PS...should 20 lbs. be enough for a 20gal.high? (I want about a 1.5"-2" bed)

mr . salty

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I used all natures ocean in my tank.100lbs of it,and love it.As far as those critters go,some sites sell a DETRIVORE kit.This kit contains the critters you are talking about.I have not yet added any of these kit's,and not really sure yet if they are really needed. I do have a yellow face gobie that is doing a great job stirring,and cleaning the sand.I would suggest looking around at your LFS and save yourself the shipping.
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