Lunar Wrasse, He's allways giving me problems.


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Hey guys, i've have had my tank up for two years, it's just a normal FOWLR, i got a Lunar Wrasse, and he dosn't make life any eazyer for me he's been in there for a year now he's going great, he's healthy, he lives in my 75 with my Maroon Clown and my last Blue-Green Chromis, and the wrasse, and the clown are the assholes of the tank, they don't let alot of stuff happen to add derveristy to my tank, Shrimp? not with wrasse, Smaller Fish, not with the clown, the lunar allso got emerald crabs overnight, i would love to start advancing on some new Animals and inverts, or something to spicein up my tank, the one green chromis isn't helping that much being the only nice fish to live in d-block long anuff, i don't understand, there thank is nice they got anuff rocks in there to sink a ship, it's just that even if i get something that can hide from the wrasse, he can fit anywherein the rocks to peck the invert/fish out, does anyone else have one of these wrasses? and know anything i don't? sorry about the rambling lol:D


they aren't called the Luntic wrasse for nothing...
My advice if you want more diversity, get rid of the wrasse.


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he hee!!!! yeah!!!! dats y i love them soo much!!!!! anyways... i kinda have the same problem.... i have a 6'' lunnare and a 5.5'' tusk so... i think i have it worst.... he hee but man i love them for the fact that the are mean!!!! anyways....i also cant house any clean up crew di to them... i been cleaning my tank for 1.5 years now... kinda sucks but hey.... some 1 have to do it.... anyways... i have heard that u can have shrimps survive in a fowlr system if the shrimp had a pre-established home in the tank priere to the intoduction of the wrasse....... that ways he can hide in hise hole when the wrasse atkss.... i havnt tried this out yet for i have no place to store my 2 well actually 3 fish for a month so a few shrimp can make a safe home...


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The wrasse is not reef safe so it will hunt down snails and crustaceans for sure. Not much point, IMO, of even trying. I also knew of a lunare wrasse that liked to eat the eyes out of yellow tangs.


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yupper..... they are maen lil buggers and reallly really fast... looks like a bird flying in my tank!!!! zoom zoomm!!!!!!! hehe but in my case... the clean up rew r perdy much free... just gotta go it the ocean and find a strem.. wherer tharer are like millions of snails.. the are 'l' something they are called... so im perdy shure it wont work but imma try it anywayz... and if it dont work ill still put the snailz in for they eat them ... so it's a win win anways