Lymphocystis infecting two out of 15 fish



I have a 230g reef... With 75 gallon sump.

I have a hippo tang with raised nodules/ white spots, his whole body is covered in them. based on the picture of a hippo on this site with lymphocystis it looks Identical. I thought it was ich, but, the spots are too big and too raised to be ich.

I also have a coral beauty with a huge wart like (Fuzzy) growth sticking out of the side near one gill. Which leads me to believe that the virus is prevalent in my tank.
The tang eats AWESOME! He'll eat 2-3 cubes of mysis shrimp. I've fed formula one and ocean nutrition flake. He'll eat it, but, not too agressively. He goes after mysis like it's the best thing on the planet.

However, he's been going and laying in a corner to rest, He'll lay on his side against the sand. (maybe the sand offers him some relief don't know). Then he'll get up and swim around the tank really fast. Then scratch himself against some rocks, and then go lay down for a minute and rest.

He'll do this repeatedly. And still eats awesome.

I saw the lifecycle of the virus is roughly a month.. The virus just showed up about a week or two ago with just a few raised lumps and now they're all over on his sides on both sides of him.

It seems to be getting worse. I'm hoping this is part of the cycle. Will he have relief in a couple weeks. I've got some selcon and kents garlic extreme on the way. It should be here tomorrow or Thursday. I plan to keep feeding him mysis until then then soak some mysis in both the garlic and selcon as soon as I can.

Any other suggestions? The coral beauty just eats algae and growths off the rocks.. It won't touch flake or mysis. I'm not sure what to do to get it to feed. I got some veggie flakes and it won't touch those either.. :(

Any suggestions or let the coral beauty eat what it finds on rocks? It may even be eating pods. I'll see it constantly chomping things on the rocks that I can't see.. May simply be eating lots of pods... Didn't think dwarf angels ate pods, but who knows.

Any reccomendations to give these fish their best chances of living?


I've had fish with lympho and they've never scratched or had numerous patches. Are these guys newer to the tank? Is it possible that both ich AND lympho are going on? If they have ich, it could would make lympho appear it they had that virus as well.

You can add vitamins straight to the water if the coral beauty does not accept any types of food offered to the tank.

Whenever my fish had a lympho "flare up" I would raise the temp of the tank, lower salinity slightly, dose tank and food with vitamins. There's really not much else you can do.

For the coral beauty, try different types of algae sheets. My coral beauty will only eat Ocean Nutrition purple, red and brown sheets. Won't touch green sheets at all. And I have to hold them in the water and rub the sheet between my fingers and break it up like flake food. Some people take algae sheets and rubberband them to a rock so that it appears more "natural" for the fish and they're more likely to eat it that way than off of a clip. The hope is that you can eventually move them to a clip and/or flake/frozen foods.


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Can you post some detailed pictures of these fish? We should be sure about the diagnosis.