the canes mascot is hugging that guy because he had just scored the winning touchdown at the sugar bowl a few years back but the refs gave a 15 yard penalty to the canes for him coming on the field and then gave them another 15 yards for to many players on the field. so miami's kicker had to kick from 50 yards out and still made the kick!


Since there are some Miami post in here, I thought I would throw in my .02. Brutus Buckeye (Ohio State) is the best Mascot. :)
Go bucks


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And my own Jacksonville Jaguar's Mascot Jaxson Deville. I think this is the game where he got in serious trouble for wiping his a$$ with a Pittsburgh Terrible Towel.


OK, it's "even steven" on the playing field here in Texas! I will always love my Big Boy ROWDY! Even if us Houstonians got us a FOOTBALL TEAM!