Macro Algea in fuge...

salty tank

I put some kind of macro algea in my fuge in october. One type was this thin dark green stuff like a ball of hair, the other type is kelp i belive, it looks like there are grapes on vines almost. I have 19 watts about 8 inches above the fuge and the algea doesnt seem to be growing. My lights are on for like 14 hours too! They seem like they have gotten slightly larger but not much.
Whats the prob? More lighting?


What size fuge?
What type of lighting?
What is your turnover rate in the fuge?
Sounds like you might have some chaetomorpha algae and grape caulerpa

salty tank

My fuge is probably 4-5 gallons, i use a mag 7 for return, coralife 18watt mini fixture. My trates? i dont know i havnt tested in a while but they used to be high until i added the fuge. I cant remember what my trates were a few weeks ago but they were not abnormal.