Maintaing and cleaning your tank

salty tank

What do you do weekly or bi-weekly to keep your take clean. Me, every otherday i empty the protein skimmer cup and weekly i sift the sand, clean the back glass and clean the algea off of the silicone. I also fan off the rocks to get all the crap out. What else should i do?
Also, how do you clean your pumps? I havnt cleaned em yet. I have 2 Rios and 2 Mag drives.
I want to get rid of the rios, to noisy. What is a better quieter pump.

salty tank

Nobody cleans their tank? I find that hard to believe! C'mon what do you do and what shouldnt you do?
By the way, how do you clean your pumps? Mine are due and i have heard about running the pumps in vinegar or even taking them apart. How often should i clean my pumps.
Lately my skimmer is producing alot of foam and i think this is due to my pump running the skimmer.


This is my routine.

Check on fish. :happyfish
Clean out Protein Skimmer collection cup.
Clean algae off glass using floating magnet.
Clean outside of glass.
Check plumbing.
Check all equipment if it's working properly.

!0% water change.
Clean filter media (sponge) from sump.
Clean sump.
Clean hoses.
Clean filter sock.
Clean overflow box.
Clean rocks using a turkey baster
Clean entire protein skimmer unit (CPR Bak Pak)
Change carbon.

Inspect and clean pumps.
I always use a couple of buckets, towels, and a toothbrush.
I might have miss some stuff, but there are others to help. Good luck.


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Check on fish and corals and inverts
Clean inside and outside glass
Check water level and top off as needed
Check hoses
Clean skimmer collection cup
Sift sand as needed
Just added - small water change (10%) - clean rocks during change too
Check parameters - actually doing more often now since I am trying to get my calcium up
Clean power heads and return pump (also take apart)


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clean inner and outer glass
water top offs check sg ph
25% water changes I also syphon the sump clean during this proccess
clean skimmer
my tanks are 300 gal reef and 125 aggressive so water changes are alot of water