Majestic Angel for Sale... Western Suburbs of Chicago


Anyone interested in buying my Majestic Angel.... any resonable offer accepted. I live in Aurora, IL. I will not ship this fish. I've had him 4 years since a baby. He eats ANY thing you feed him. He's been in a fish only tank, so I don't know if he will pick on corals, but with any angel probably will. He is very aggressive in my tank. But he's used to being king of the tank cause it was only him and another fish in there. I am redoing my tank, and would like to add more fish, but he picks on any fish I add. So, he is looking for a new home. Please email me at ... I will send you a picture of him. He's about 4-5 inches. Please only respond if you have a large enough tank for him. I'd hate for him to be unhappy. In a new home he will be shy at first, and probably will not show any aggression. It's only once he becomes settled, and thinks he is the king. He has been housed with both aggressive and passive fish in the past. Please email me an offer if you are seriously interested.