Making your own live rock


Yea, I understand that but then why are dead and/or artificial corals/rock not recommended for reefs tanks ? I have this PBS program "secrets of the ocean realm" which has shown even ships that have sunk some 100 years ago become reefs but I don't want to wait that long. So the content that the live rock is made of has to matter in order to speed up coraline and other algae growth.
Now.. what is that content, is what I am interested in and that preciesely is why I wanted opinions on that article.


Once this type of rock is made and introduced into an established tank full of coraline algea and other living creatures, they will expand and take it over just as if you put a piece of non-living live rock in your tank with establihed live rock. I have taken a piece of porous(it cant be smooth or it wont work) Man-made rock made of plastic and introduced it and now you cant tell the difference or even pick it out with all the other rock. Check out my website at Also the reason dead coral is not recommended is to preserve the natural reefs we now have. This system could ultimately protect our living underwater world. Don