Maroon Clown - darkness, lethargic, not eating


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Hello folks! I just added 3 tangs and one foxface to my mixed reef tank after quarantine. After two weeks of being in the DT, they are all very healthy and despite the odd raising of hackles or a dart around the tank, everyone seems to be getting along. However, I wonder if they may have injured my female lightning maroon tang. Symptoms: lethargy, swollen belly, heavy 'breathing', very dark patch on typically yellow banding above and behind the right eye, rear yellow band completely grayed out, not eating. The male is fine, but lonely.
I managed to catch her 2 days ago and have done the following:
  1. 10 minute dip in Hydroplex (Ruby Reef product) according to recommended dosage
  2. Put in hospital tank with additional aeration by wavemaker, daily recommended dosing of Rally (broad spectrum treatment by Ruby Reef), a few pellets a couple times a day to check for feeding response.
She seems a bit more active today, but still not eating and respiration is still heavy.
Hospital tank parameters as monitored by Seneye:
  • NH3 0.001 mg/l (ppm)
  • Ph 7.46
  • Temperature 78.9°F
I do hope to keep this beautiful fish alive for a couple decades more. Any help is appreciated!



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Thank you for your response. Today I noticed a few new spots on it. Should I try hypo-salinity?
Other symptoms remain the same. Still not eating, unfortunately.


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Can you describe the spots? Raised, as if a bump is forming? Or a missing scale? Is this fish eating at all? Have you tried something other than pellets? Do you have a refractometer for hyposalinity?