Maroon Clown Needs Help!!!!


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I have had this maroon clown for almost two years now and he has something growing on his head. I had a recent issue with my protein skimmer and it was putting an electrical charge in the water. I did notice where the growth is it was warn like he was rubbing against the rock he loves to hide behind. It started off as a clear bubble now its getting more red like its filling with blood or something. Eats normal and still defends his rock against anything that comes near it. I told my kids he is just really smart and is growing another brain but of course i know its not. Please help me identify this and hopefully treat it. Its a 38gal tank and only other fish is 2 four strip damsels.

My experience with pairing maroons in particular is not very good. Personally I’d as 2-3 for a harem and let the pecking order work itself out. I tried to pair lightning maroons and didn’t have any luck adding hem in one by one. I’ve had good luck keeping a clutch of Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox them together though.