Maxima Clam Help


I have 29 gallon with 150 hallide coralife. I recently purchased a 5 inch maxima purple clam. I noticed a few light spots on the mantle kind of like a light peach color in the purple matle. Since I have bought it I have noticed a couple more show up. Does anyone have any ideas on if this is lighting , worm or water problem.


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do you have any pictures? its kind of hard to imagine.
where did you place the clam? facing up at the bottom, mid, or top of your tank? what kelvin is the bulb?
and also, just list it anyways, your parameters: alk, calcium, magnesium (if you have the test)


Water paremters are good, lfs tested for me. I dont have exact reults written down. I have 14k light. I tried to get a picture but this is best I could get. It just some light spots in the purple. I have read that some hitch hiker tiny snails can be a problem for clams.


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Notice you clam laying on it's side in the sand. I think but have not confirmed yet that the maxima is best placed in the rock work. Here is some more info from another site.
Placement: The clam's placement within the aquarium is the last part of caring for Tridacna clams. After evaluating your lighting system and water movement within the aquarium, and have chosen a location for your clam, place the clam so that the mantle is facing upward towards the light. This is important, because the clam obtains a majority of its nutrition from photosynthesis and ultimately from the light.
Do not place the clam in a crevice where it may have difficulty fully opening its shell. Make sure the location is sturdy and offers enough room for the clam to grow.
Clams have the ability to open and close their shells very rapidly in order to move their position. They will do this when they do not like their position. If at any time the clam moves and is laying on its side, right the clam back to the correct position. Do this immediately because the mantle must be in full illumination in order to provide the clam with nutrition. Laying on its side, the clam will slowly starve to death.


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the clam need to face up, not side way. it will also do better on a flat piece of rock. my crocea actually had a few bleached spots a few weeks ago when my tang was picking at it. but after the tang was removed, the bleached spot disappeared. i hv to say the clam is not happy due to either water quality, placement or flow. how deep is ur tank?


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First, it's actually a crocea, not a maxima. Did you get this from the same LFS that tested your water? If they can't properly ID a clam I would be skeptical about how well they can even advise you about your water quality.
It's hard to see in the pic, but what you're describing is probably bleaching.
Other than placing the clam upright, we can't really give any more help without knowing your exact water parameters.