Maybe OT...What made you choose to go with Saltwater???


I loved my daughter-in-laws, and as a kid we always had freshwater, but IMO, nothing compares to Salt, especially with a reef..Gods little piece of Heaven, here on Earth...
~Susie ;)


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Good/Bad luck. My brother was cleaning out his room last year, in June, and he had a 20 FW that he hadn't used in awhile. So, he gave it to me for $50. I was in cichlids for about 6 months, and then had to go to SW. The cichlids did fine, but they weren't enough for me. So, I did research, and the rest is history.


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Oh my...where to begin? All the colors, corals, interesting things that just pop up on the LR, the vast selection of fish to choose from... I could go on for ever about this... SW is just sooooo much more interesting than FW!!! :D

mike b

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IMO I Believe Its In Human Nature To Want To Build A World "God Created Us In His Image,4 Thoose Who Believe"And Be Able To Kick Back When Done And Say I Built That,Thats Awsome.As For SW,Ant Farms Can't Compete By Farrr. ;)
only reason really is because my uncel REALLY wanted me to keep his tank up and running even though it only have LR it with no fish because they died and i thought it would be cool to do saltwater because no one that know (other than the people on this borb and 1 of my friends)is into it or even knew about it


When i was a kid i always had a fresh tank in the house and i never took care of it and nothing died. When i moved out of my parents house i wanted to do something that was challenging... as you know sw can be. but the bigger the challenge the bigger the reward right!!


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Originally posted by Mike B:
<strong>IMO I Believe Its In Human Nature To Want To Build A World "God Created Us In His Image,4 Thoose Who Believe"And Be Able To Kick Back When Done And Say I Built That,Thats Awsome.As For SW,Ant Farms Can't Compete By Farrr. ;) </strong><hr></blockquote>
Perfectly said there Mike. Especially the wording in quotation marks.


Hi Susie,
I had a couple FW tanks for years that "went away" when we moved. Three kids, a house, college educations for the kids, cars, etc, etc, got in the way of upgrading to sw until my 50th b-day. My wife and kids bought me the set-up for my sw tank. What a great gift, huh?
If only I could get them to buy me those new lights I'm looking at.......


It was the colorful fish for me which initially turned me. The fins on my bala sharks were the brightest thing in my tank.


I have had fw for about 3 yrs always wanted to go to salt then one day a friend turned his into sw and I really liked his, so my husband and I decided to give it a try, my mom gave us a 55 gal with stand , and we went from there. funny thing the friend that got us started is no longer in sw due due red alage problem couldnt clear it up so he gave us all his live rock out of his 75 gal. (good deal for me) we have been cleaning the rock and curing it for the last 2 mo. finally starting to add small peices in our tank now things are looking good.


The colors and Vibrancy of life in the tank. I also found a store in my area that I honestly believe will be behind me whenever I need thier advice... (owner even gave me his pager # for if i really have a problem)


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The devil made me do it.....
Actually, I started when I was 6 years old. My mom got me a tank and been hooked ever since. I started reef tanks around 6 years ago and been hooked ever since.


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Have been doing freshwater for years. I was always ooing and awing over the saltwater fish in the store, but thought I would never be able to do saltwater...too hard!Then my boyfriend and my daughter got me a saltwater set-up for X-Mas.After reading a lot in books and on this site, I've got it up and running. Thanks for the help, you guys!


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Well I had a few grand laying around and thought why not....
Really, I just love the ocean and thought why not bring a very very very small part of it into my living room. Almost 1500 bucks later, there it is.


a few years ago I went into a lfs and saw this cute chick. I asked about salt water aquariums and asked her out. she went for it and I had to follow up and get a tank that was 3 years ago, now we live together and have a 14 month old daughter and a 90g tank


the kids left the roost and all the sudden i was left with a husband that had evolved into a couch old to be swinging from the beams..i decided to get a hobby..after seeing a black saddle puffer..i fell in love..cycled my tank and got me on of those cute little fellows..they look like heads with tails..hardly nothing in between..keeps me happy :D :D :D

sinner's girl

Sinner made me do it...he started...he had liked sw since he was a kid...would spend hours at lfs...he set up a tank...then one day let me pick out the fish...i took over after that...
nicer then fw, a great stress releaver (sp), and gives me a reason not to do school work...


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I have kept FW tanks for the last 15 years. You do a maintainance on them every few months and keep your ph good and you pretty much have a self running tank. I think that when most people are faced with something a little more challenging and are dedicated to seeing it thru the reward is so much more satisfying. A healthy SW tank is truly a wonder all in its self, whether its a FO or a reef system. Happy Aquaria!!