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I haven't had Mickey D's lunch food in a loooong time. Usually get breakfast on the weekends, though. (Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Bagel=
Anyway, I stopped there after school today to grab a bite to eat, and it literally felt like I drank a gallon of cooking oil.
Where's the puking smiley?!
Anybody else Hate McD's lunch food?


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Man, you just gave me a hankerin for a Big Mac Meal (jumbo-size it please). Thanks a lot!
Think I'll eat it after trying that pork/bacon recipe from the other thread...
Nothin' like a heart attack meal to start the weekend.


This is why i dont eat Mcdonalds or burger king anymore. The last time i had mcdonalds i had a quarter pounder with chease and it tasted like it was sitting under a heat lamp for hours.It was stale and ewwwww.


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I quit eating at MD's for a lot of different reasons. Bad food bad service and racially targeted advertising. I guess they figure folks in the ghetto will spend money on greasy food, dunno.


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i hadnt eaten mc d's in a while and was in a hurry so i grabbed one of their grilled chicken sandwiches (minus the mayo) and some fries. i honestly was very HAPPY at how good the fries tasted this time. musta been fresh oil or something, but i wanted to turn around and get more.


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Yeah, you must have lucked out and got a fresh batch of fries .... not the ones that they reheat over and over.


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i love mcdonalds could eat it everyday.
i wish i lived near this burger joint
i dont know how to link a you tube vid but,
go to utube and punch in
a meal to die for
its an 8000 calorie burger


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Originally Posted by joe____17
Reefraf you are totally right. Whats up with that?
I think its a business plan. Judging by their profits its working.
I did do their spicy chicken sandwiches they had for a while, those were tasty. Obly thing my father in law would rat from there so I figured it was worth a try


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love the nurses.
i couldnt believe the little reporter ate the whole thing.
i would love to try one.especially the lard fries.
did you see only $12 for that huge burger not bad