MH bulb advice please?


Can anyone give me som advice about new bulbs? Currently running 2x175w 14K Hamilton MH with 2x55w actinek CF. They were old when I got them so not sure what they should really look like.
The Actinics are bluer than I like, (didn't know what I was doing when ordered) so I'm stuck with them for about 9 more months. I need to replace the MH. Hamilton sells a bulb for about $70. Is this worth it or should I go with another off brand? the Big

site sell a pair for $40.00 shipped.
This is a huge difference but even if I have to replace after 6 months it is sill a large savings. Any opinions?
Also, 10K or 14K?


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I would check out Sanbjay Joshi's lighting test page (google it). He's compared just about every bulb and ballast combination out there.
The Phoenix 14k is a pretty popular bulb.