Mh lighting


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I am considering picking up a 400w MH kit from the popular auction site.
The description reads:
Complete Light Kit Fixture including the Metal Halide BULB, Spider Reflector and Bulb Socket 110-120 Volt (brightness 10000k). Kit is with 400 watt single ended metal halide ballast system and bulb. Super large mirror Aluminum Spider Reflector. 15 inches long by 12 inches wide by 6 inches tall. Includes multi-tap electronic ballast with grip handle.
# 400 Watt Ballast with cords
# Spider Reflector
# 400 Watt 10.000 Kelvin Metal Halide Bulb
There are no name brands, etc listed. The item is slightly used.
Is this a good deal for $140? Is there anything I should be concerned about when making this purchase?


It sounds like the site that sells refurbished ballasts. If it is I've heard they are junk. I know it's hard sometimes to fork over the money a name brand metal halide set up, but it is well worth it in my opinion. I'm sceptical when they don't even list the brand of bulb they are giving you other than 10K. A good quality bulb is important and you may find out you need to end up replacing this bulb because it sucks.


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Sounds like a good deal.
The only thing to watch out for is that the bulbs that come with some of these items on that auction site are lower quality. You may want to think about replacing the bulb after a few months (or right away). The ballasts and reflectors generally are pretty good. I have some from that site myself and have not had any problems what so ever and have been very pleased.


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I picked up a 400w refurb ballast w/ a new 10000K bulb, batwing reflector for $90. the guy has lots more. If anyone's interested in a deal like this email me